Through the Breaking Glass

andres-garzas-ivan-mena-tinoco-a-traves-del-espejo-through-the-breaking-glassAlice, already a woman, wakes up in a wonderful land She does not remember her name neither how she got there. Three stars fall from the sky and become pieces of a broken mirror. A music box and its mechanical rabbit will be her companions in this amazing and dangerous journey…

Iván Mena Tinoco is the writer, director and producer of the short film “Through the Breaking Glass” and the main character of the film is lead by Ledicia Sola, a very nice and great actress. I had the pleasure to help Iván as cinematographer in his bold and awesome project. It was a huge and ambitious project with a shooting crew of more than 60 people and 60 artist around the world in post. I have always been very grateful to Iván about giving me the chance to collaborate in this film.

It´s a very cool story about personal growth shot in post produced in 4K. We shoot on Red Scarlet and use Zeiss F/2.1 Prime lenses. Talking about Fx, the crew is very impressive. Some guys as Richard Briscoe, Imery Watson, Pedro Lara, Javier de Prado, Gonzalo Rueda, Laurent-Paul Robert or Christopher Unger are bad-ass in Visual Effects (Batman Begins, Harry Potter, The Tree of Life, The Chronicles of Narnia, James Bond, Prometheus, Alice in Wonderland…)

Today Iván is is Cannes Film Festival starting a long journey of successful, I only want to let you know that is a very worthy project. Don´t miss it. You can check out and stay posted in the following link “Through the Breaking Glass” and it´s Facebook fan page “A través del Espejo”


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