First Post

Dear readers,

Today I start a blog on my website. My two goals are clear as a water. First of all, practice and improve english, second, talk about cinematography. As you easily will find out, my mother tongue is not english, so I would like to apologize if the way that I am writing is not well enough or sounds weird or even ridiculous. I even speak worse at all!


I don´t promise to write all the weeks, but we I will keep you posted, dudes.

First thing I like to mention is how to prepare a project that is coming up. You guys have better known,  for example, who to find cool references of spots and colors.

A cool way may be watching some paintings, films, stills and so on. We are shooting a Discovery Project very soon. I am using some references in pinterest. You can check it out in this link. The director, Adam Rush, who is very talented are looking for a colorful palette and a crisp harmony.

There are some guideline about combining different colors but this could be a very good topic for a next post.


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