Shooting a fashion film for Aristocrazy in Paris

Last week I shot in Paris a fashion film directed by Juan Ross for the jewely´s brand Aristocrazy, “Jewel power for freedom lovers”. Although the project was really hard because we shot two very long days hand held, I really enjoyed visiting Paris again. Our equipment was an Arri Alexa with two zooms Angenieux Optimo, 16-42mm and 30-80mm both 2.8. And I didn´t feel very tired at the end, it may be because of my continuos working out at YMCA!!! Juan Ross has worked mainly for Aristocrazy and many others. He designed some of the very interesting fashion shows for Aristocrazy in MBFW. His recent projects have employed the use of the latest technology in filmmaking, such as video mapping and the most recent 3D graphic techniques. Involved in the world of trends and actions of fashion shows, Juan has worked with renowned photographers & Filmmakers such as Scott Schuman, Howie Duetch or Tommy Ton, filming in cities like Los Angeles, London & NY and this project in Paris. The main talent was the really nice spaniard model and actress Alba Galocha who is currently located in Paris. Is really easy working with a girl as Alba because all his contours are good, it does not matter the way that you shoot here, low angle, high angle, right, left… It works every time. She is a very talented girl who knows how to work hard and well. For the first time, I looked through by the viewfinder and though to myself, the camera loves this girl at all!! Pics by Iván Sánchez Alonso


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