Robert is here. An American Story

Last March I got the chance to meet Robert and his lovely familiar fruit store in Homestead, Fl. For the first time I saw and admired the powerful story of Robert so he has an extremely good capability of communicate it was a really piece of cake shooting the documentary. He has told his story many times on TV, Radio and papers so it´s hard to surprised him.

Rober Is Here Fruit Stand” was established by Robert in the late fall of 1959.  The story is about a six-year-old child, Robert, who was set on this very corner with some of his father’s cucumber crop and told to “Sell ‘em!” Robert sat all day that Saturday and no one even stopped. That evening, Robert’s father decided that “there can’t be that many people who don’t like cucumbers; they must not see this little boy standing here on the corner.”

I tried on my video to get some of the visual poetry or art between the fruit and the way that these guys set everything, As a Storyteller I loved shooting and editing the video, my goal consisted of getting some on camera some of the art that these guys put on the way that set every product. I am pretty happy with the result.


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