Ligthing Diagrams on Discovery Commercial

Lately I am started working in my cinematography projects on a very cool ligthing diagrams in order to communicate and get ready my setups for everybody, more over my crew and the director. It seems very import to me to have a good relation between your gaffer and rest of the crew, so doing that you avoid different issues in advance, so your gaffer easily will knowwhat are the main positions or all your fixtures and your plans. One very important think that I learned from time to time is the ability to get rid of an idea on set if you don´t think that is working properly after setting down. Sometimes your gaffer has a best idea to accomplish, so I recommend you to follow his suggestions. You have to listen your crew, dudes.

This diagrams does not mean the right way to do it, only the way that we choose for do that in a concrete moment and in this specific, other times your have some limitations in terms of a tiny budget so relax yourself and do it!

Hope you like and I wonder to hear your comments! Some examples below.

and here the final result. We shot on Alexa with an Alura 18-80mm T2.6 Zoom. I did it the Color Correction too.



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